The Royal Society of NSW 1302th OGM and Open Lecture

New Frontiers in Smart Sensor Technology for a Healthier, Safer and Sustainable Future

Professor Benjamin Eggleton FRSN FAA FTSE FOSA FIEEE FSPIE
Director, University of Sydney Nano Institute and Co-Director, NSW Smart Sensing Network

Sensor devices that detect events or changes in their environment are used in everyday objects such as smartphones and ubiquitous applications of which most people are never aware. Recent advances in device physics, nanotechnology, AI, and sensor fusion are leading to a revolution in smart sensor technology that will provide multi-faceted interfaces to the three-dimensional physical, chemical, and data environment, enabling high-performance information gathering and real-time situational awareness. My talk overviews recent examples from industry and end-user sponsored projects, including research from the NSW Smart Sensing Network where we are exploring how smart sensors can forecast air pollution and urban heat, reduce the maintenance costs associated with leaks and breaks of water pipes, and remotely monitor soil moisture; from Sydney Nano we will see how single-molecule sensing and wearables are providing for the rapid testing of infectious disease, underpinning a robust roadmap to COVID-19 recovery and beyond; and finally from the Jericho Smart Sensing sponsored by the Royal Australian Air Force, how smart sensors are providing the Air Force with enhanced, advanced situational awareness that enables smart, timely decision-making.

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