Capturing data faster than a speeding bullet | Defence News

A sensor that has shown potential to measure the speed and predict the trajectory of incredibly fast-moving objects has been developed in a partnership between Air Force and university researchers. The prototype MANTIS (Mutual-Axis Neuromorphic Twin Imaging System) sensor is the result of the work of the University of Sydney Nano Institute and Air Force’s Jericho …


Professor Benjamin Eggleton and his team are excited to be part of the ‘Australia Innovates’ video series launched by Business Events Australia. This series aims to demonstrate Australia’s wide-ranging expertise across several knowledge sectors to position the nation as a world leading association destination. The video series showcases Australians pursuing world firsts in research, discovery, …

Prof. Benjamin Eggleton hosts Dr Katerina Agostino, Chief of Aerospace Division, Defence Science & Technology Group

On 23 March 2021, Professor Benjamin Eggleton hosted Dr Katerina Agostino, Chief of Aerospace Division, Defence Science and Technology Group at The University of Sydney Nano Institute. During the visit, Professor Eggleton introduced Sydney Nano’s research facilities and showcased some demonstrations of the Eggleton Research Group work to the guests.

Professor Benjamin Eggleton Wins the ANZOS W. H. (Beattie) Steel Medal, the most prestigious award of the Australian and New Zealand Optical Society.

The Australian and New Zealand Optical Society has awarded School of Physics’ Professor Ben Eggleton the 2020 WH “Beattie” Steel Medal in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Australian and international optics and photonics communities by leading several major cooperative centres, an exceptional research and development record. Read more.  

Jericho Smart Sensing Laboratory (JSSL) Design Innovation Workshop

From the 1st to the 3rd of December 2020, the JSSL design innovation workshop was successfully organised by the JSSL team in collaboration with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) in Kiama, New South Wales. The workshop aimed to provide the JSSL team with an opportunity to build on the role of high end science.

Professor Benjamin Eggleton and his Team have Won the Eureka Prize for Outstanding Science in Safeguarding Australia

This is a collaborative effort between the Eggleton Research Group (University of Sydney Professor Benjamin Eggleton, Dr Eric Mägi, Dr Moritz Merklein,Dr Alvaro Casas Bedoya, Dr Yang Liu) and Associate Professor Stephen Madden from the Australian National University.   “This is great recognition of more than a decade of research with a great team. We …

Hosting Group Captain Michael Burgess-Orton and Group Captain Lyle Holt

On 9 December 2020, Professor Benjamin Eggleton, Professor Cara Wrigley, and the Jericho Smart Sensing Laboratory (JSSL) team hosted a lab tour at the Sydney Nanoscience Hub for Group Captain Michael Burgess-Orton and Group Captain Lyle Holt from Plan Jericho, Royal Australian Air Force. During the tour, research facilities at Sydney Nano and demonstrations of …